It`s there. On your mind. You may have not used words, but your mind said it for you. You’re wondering why me, aren’t you?

Why me and not anybody else? What sets me apart from all the other coaches and entrepreneurs?

It`s all right. I would be asking the same question if I were you.

Actually, it would intrigue me if you hadn’t asked it, so allow me to answer in the best and most authentic way I can.

It`s because I understand people. I understand you.

I understand that your desire to break the chains that are currently holding you in place is so strong that it can make the sun rise from the Western side of the world if need be.

I understand that having a boring life – where you can’t be who you truly are and can’t do or have what you want – terrifies you; moreso, this thought in itself leaves you breathless; that your main goal, which also has your 1000% focus, is to succeed in your business, help people, make a difference.


I understand that it completely demotivates you to stay and be the same, with no challenges or opportunities.  BUT at the same time, you don’t think you are enough, so you play small and make excuses.

And… I also understand that you crave Freedom, and that your most satisfying success means to be financially secure and relaxed; to travel the world and give to charitable causes you believe in; pursue activities of interest for you: painting, yoga, learning new things, meeting new people, going to events, fundraisers, hanging out with friends.

I understand all this and so much more because I`ve been there, too.

A new life, a new horizon filled with enthusiasm, excitement, adventure; a life where your eyes are a pure reflection of your inner light and cheerfulness; a life where your heart dances to rhythms of joy and passion for you’re living your dream and on purpose. Yes, beautiful soul. You are impacting lives and creating endless ripple effects that will ultimately take you where you so want to be: making a (powerful) difference on this planet.

How noble is this? How empowering and inspiring is this? Words can’t express it, and I personally want to thank you, divine soul, for being so bold and determined in staying true to your heart`s calling; for wanting to break free from the limiting life you know and replace it with a life that’s full of purpose and meaning.

I want you to have what you want to have for yourself. The wonderful part is that you can actually have it. This is not some kind of a fantasy story where the wizard only speaks about the stars and how beautiful they are but never really shows the how to reach out to them and touch them. No. What you feel is true. Your dreams and desires are true. And you can make them come true.

What would it be like for you to experience a life of complete freedom, a life where you no longer are the prisoner of your past, of your fears, doubts, low vibration mindset, low self esteem and self love?

How would it feel for you to live your life on purpose, a life where you’re feeling yourself powerfully called to do what`s important for you and what sets your soul on fire, and have your bright smile every morning when you wake up, be a testimony of that?

What would you do, how would you spend your days if you knew you had the financial relaxation and freedom you want, the successful business you want? What would you do and how would you use your time? How would you help people?

What would it feel for you to know that you do Matter, that you do have your God-given place here on this planet and that what you do is important, that your words/actions matter, that Your message matters?

Well, my friend. I`m pleased to tell you can have all that and even more.

If you feel it inside of you, it`s true. And if you feel it inside, it just has to come outside, too. Together we can make it happen.

Listen to what your heart is whispering to you.